Tau Broadside 2 done

I am getting closer to finishing a little project for my Tau army, where I plan to have three all-plastic Broadside battlesuits. I have finished the second model and hope to get the third one in the next week or two. The painting is slightly different to the first one, as this is a shas'ui, not a shas'vre.
The new, all-plastic ones look more impressive and don't have the same problem that the older ones did, which was that the older ones were a bit weak at the ankles. In battle, this model will be accompanies by a shield drone, as I can't have a shield generator and other support system on the same model (such as velocity tracker).

Regarding other projects, I'm getting nearer to finishing off a Cadre Fireblade model - I just have to finish building him and paint up/ fix any finer details. The Dark Angels will be getting some more models, as I bought a box of the new all-plastic Sternguard Veterans, which comes with 8 combi-weapons (2 of which I can't use, as DA's can't have grav weapons). They will be purposed to form part of a command squad or make up part of a company veterans unit.
Also, tomorrow, I will hopefully be acquiring some Eldar models and I am currently thinking of painting the 'craftworld (non-aspect warrior)' models purple. (Yes, that's the colour I used to paint my Dark Eldar - maybe I could say that this was what those Dark Eldar were as Eldar before they became Dark Eldar.)


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