Next plans for 40k armies

So, here are my next plans for projects to do with my 40k armies.
Firstly, for my Dark Angels, I will try to create a command squad with a company champion, apothecary and banner bearer who would be equipped with the Standard of Devastation (the standard will be sourced by photocopying the page in the DA codex that has it).
For the Tau Empire, I am planning to replace the metal/ plastic old school broadside battlesuits with the new, all-plastic ones, to be armed with velocity tracker (to take down pesky flying things), smart missile system and heavy rail rifle, supported by a shield drone. I will also plan to get a Cadre Fireblade, as I like the thought of one extra shot per pulse rifle in certain conditions (like not moving the unit). (That will happen once I get the models this weekend!)
Finally, for the Chaos Space Marines, I will be continuing work on a 10-man unit of Slaaneshi CSM's, giving them 2 flamers and the icon that grants FNP. This will be ongoing, alongside finishing off the large units of cultists.
I am hoping to have the DA and Tau models done before the next time I field those armies.


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