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Cadre Fireblade done!

So, that's my 'alternate' HQ option for the Tau army done, in the form of the Cadre Fireblade, who can, on some occasions, give a unit of pulse gun wielders some extra shooting and doesn't cost many points either, unless you give him some drones.
Here he is:

I must say that there is one bit I always seem to get wrong or not quite right is those black round symbols with the white around it. I always paint the symbol black, then flow some watered-down white (after the black has dried) in, to fill the recesses in, but it does seem rather hit an miss, as you can see. If anyone can suggest any better way of doing those areas better, I'm all ears!

Tau Broadside 2 done

I am getting closer to finishing a little project for my Tau army, where I plan to have three all-plastic Broadside battlesuits. I have finished the second model and hope to get the third one in the next week or two. The painting is slightly different to the first one, as this is a shas'ui, not a shas'vre.
The new, all-plastic ones look more impressive and don't have the same problem that the older ones did, which was that the older ones were a bit weak at the ankles. In battle, this model will be accompanies by a shield drone, as I can't have a shield generator and other support system on the same model (such as velocity tracker).

Regarding other projects, I'm getting nearer to finishing off a Cadre Fireblade model - I just have to finish building him and paint up/ fix any finer details. The Dark Angels will be getting some more models, as I bought a box of the new all-plastic Sternguard Veterans, which comes with 8 combi-weapons (2 of which I can't use, as DA…

Next plans for 40k armies

So, here are my next plans for projects to do with my 40k armies.
Firstly, for my Dark Angels, I will try to create a command squad with a company champion, apothecary and banner bearer who would be equipped with the Standard of Devastation (the standard will be sourced by photocopying the page in the DA codex that has it).
For the Tau Empire, I am planning to replace the metal/ plastic old school broadside battlesuits with the new, all-plastic ones, to be armed with velocity tracker (to take down pesky flying things), smart missile system and heavy rail rifle, supported by a shield drone. I will also plan to get a Cadre Fireblade, as I like the thought of one extra shot per pulse rifle in certain conditions (like not moving the unit). (That will happen once I get the models this weekend!)
Finally, for the Chaos Space Marines, I will be continuing work on a 10-man unit of Slaaneshi CSM's, giving them 2 flamers and the icon that grants FNP. This will be ongoing, alongside finishing…

Second Dreadball team finished

So, that's the second of the teams from the Dreadball box done - Orx and Goblins. They have mainly been done in red, black and dull metal, almost like the pictures you see in the book. Earliier, I did the human team.
Now that's out of the way, I should be able at some point to start playing Dreadball!