Tau Crisis battlesuit unit

So, it has finally happened! The last of my Tau units (at least for a while) is now finished, in the form of three Crisis battlesuits. All three are equipped with fusion blasters (to fry vehicles), shield generators (so they don't die too quickly) and either a plasma rifle or missile pod.
Here's a picture of the finished unit:

Now, I am just doing up some finishing touches on drones and Fire Warriors, before I try to field them in a game of 40k within the next few weeks. The next issue I'll have to see to is where to put the models for storage, ready for battle. For that, I'll probably use a GW figure case that holds up to 108 models for the 25mm based models (about a hundred of them) and another box for everything else.

Finally, this means that I now have a Tau force that fills all slots of one force organisation chart and weighs in at least 3,000 points.


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