Empire General on Griffon and painting update

So, it's been a while since I painted any Warhammer models and here's one I finished today - a General of the Empire, on a Griffon. The main point of reference I used was images of the Emperor Karl Franz/ General/ Wizard Lord on a Griffon from the Games Workshop website.

The wings were painted using a series of five browns, getting lighter and lighter (not necessarily in a linear fashion.

Aside from that, progress is still getting even further with the Tau, as I only have a three or four more models to go with the second (green) Kroot unit. The second unit of Pathfinders is built, and just needs a recon drone and finishing touches. After that, I'll probably see to trying to resurrect three Tau Crisis battelsuits for the third and final Elite unit and that would probably be the Tau army finished.
I'll also see to creating a Dark Angels command squad, with a Standard of Devastation, as I'll be using them against Chaos Space Marines next Sunday. As I found when I played against Ravenwing at Firestorm two weeks ago, that particular standard can be rather nasty, when each applicable bolter can fire four shots each.


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