CSM Raptor unit finished and initial Dreadball painting progress

So, that's my 10-man unit of proper CSM Raptors finally finished (as opposed to the conversion job ones), even though I started doing them back in October 2012 (where I did the first five of them). They are kitted out with two meltaguns and a powerfist for smashing or blowing stuff up such as vehicles.
The armour trim is dark red, as they are meant to be affiliated to Khorne and some of them look darker, as I think there was a hitch in the sepia wash I applied that caused some light yellow stains on some areas. It is possible that some of the sepia pooled and I tried going over that with Agrax Earthshade. Perhaps I might have to do some refinements of the dull gold armour technique.

As an aside, however, I have started painting the models that make up the two teams in the Dreadball box set. I thought I would get on with that, as I'd bought the box set six months ago and I don't have many models to paint now, as my Tau army is fully built/ painted and boxed for future battles.
The human team has had some models in advanced stages, whereas the Marauders (orcs and grots) have just been basecoated in Khorne red). For the human team, I started off (from black primer) with gunmetal colour, drybrushing with Ironbreaker (a lighter silvery colour), followed by painting the helmets and other bits in Macragge blue, with perhaps Skink blue for drybrush. More pictures from that will follow once models are actually finished.


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