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Some Dreadball miniatures

So, here are a couple of images showing my attempts at painting miniatures from the Dreadball set from Mantic, as a slight departure from painting GW models. I thought I would get them painted, as I bought Dreadball 6 months ago and given that Blood Bowl is dead, gone, buried and not coming back anymore, let's give this other game a chance.
Progress so far has led to a whole initial team of 8 humans and a single orc finished and I'm getting somewhere on the rest of the Marauder team (the orcs and goblins).

Dark Angel Captain with big mace

Here is a Dark Angel captain model that I made out of various bits and bobs. He is armed with a plasma pistol and a big mace (from a CSM terminator) which could be counted as the nasty close combat weapon called The Mace of Redemption. I've been using the Dark Vengeance DA model, with the sword and combi-plasma but I think the 'Mace' will be a more deadly close combat weapon (especially against CSM models). Also, points-wise it is cheaper.

CSM Raptor unit finished and initial Dreadball painting progress

So, that's my 10-man unit of proper CSM Raptors finally finished (as opposed to the conversion job ones), even though I started doing them back in October 2012 (where I did the first five of them). They are kitted out with two meltaguns and a powerfist for smashing or blowing stuff up such as vehicles.
The armour trim is dark red, as they are meant to be affiliated to Khorne and some of them look darker, as I think there was a hitch in the sepia wash I applied that caused some light yellow stains on some areas. It is possible that some of the sepia pooled and I tried going over that with Agrax Earthshade. Perhaps I might have to do some refinements of the dull gold armour technique.

As an aside, however, I have started painting the models that make up the two teams in the Dreadball box set. I thought I would get on with that, as I'd bought the box set six months ago and I don't have many models to paint now, as my Tau army is fully built/ painted and boxed for future battl…

Tau Crisis battlesuit unit

So, it has finally happened! The last of my Tau units (at least for a while) is now finished, in the form of three Crisis battlesuits. All three are equipped with fusion blasters (to fry vehicles), shield generators (so they don't die too quickly) and either a plasma rifle or missile pod.
Here's a picture of the finished unit:

Now, I am just doing up some finishing touches on drones and Fire Warriors, before I try to field them in a game of 40k within the next few weeks. The next issue I'll have to see to is where to put the models for storage, ready for battle. For that, I'll probably use a GW figure case that holds up to 108 models for the 25mm based models (about a hundred of them) and another box for everything else.

Finally, this means that I now have a Tau force that fills all slots of one force organisation chart and weighs in at least 3,000 points.

More Tau models finished - Pathfinders and Kroot

So, I've just finished my second units of Tau Pathfinders and Kroot. The Kroot were painted green to tell them apart from the other unit which is grey.
Here are images of the finished units.

The Kroot had purple hair, to contrast with the green skin and light orange 'warpaint', to signify their allegiance to the Y'rrep sept.
With these units done, it's only the Crisis battlesuits and drones to finish before they can go out on to the battlefield.

Empire General on Griffon and painting update

So, it's been a while since I painted any Warhammer models and here's one I finished today - a General of the Empire, on a Griffon. The main point of reference I used was images of the Emperor Karl Franz/ General/ Wizard Lord on a Griffon from the Games Workshop website.

The wings were painted using a series of five browns, getting lighter and lighter (not necessarily in a linear fashion.

Aside from that, progress is still getting even further with the Tau, as I only have a three or four more models to go with the second (green) Kroot unit. The second unit of Pathfinders is built, and just needs a recon drone and finishing touches. After that, I'll probably see to trying to resurrect three Tau Crisis battelsuits for the third and final Elite unit and that would probably be the Tau army finished.
I'll also see to creating a Dark Angels command squad, with a Standard of Devastation, as I'll be using them against Chaos Space Marines next Sunday. As I found when I play…