Tau Riptide done

So, I've finally finished building and painting my Tau Riptide model that I got a couple of weeks ago. I've somehow managed to maintain the ability for it to turn at the torso.
It has been painted black and slightly dark red, with dark green as the other main colour and orange as the sept colour, along with the two shield/missile drones that come with it.

The next units under construction at the moment are the second unit of Kroot and the second unit of Pathfinders. After that, I'll have to decide on what the final Tau unit will be - Crisis battlesuits or a second Riptide.
I've uploaded a video on Youtube showing an attempt at a 360° view of the Riptide model at
http://youtu.be/75NYpIZWrRk. It's probably a bit crude/ amateurish, but hey, it's my first attempt at that kind of thing and it was recorded using my digital camera.


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