Further Tau acquistitions

So, while on a short holiday in the west of Scotland, I came across the Ayr branch of Games Workshop and got myself some more Tau, which should pretty much finish the army.
What I got was a XV104 Riptide, a second box of Pathfinders and a box of Kroot, which will soon be spray-painted black.
This will mean that, when those models are finished, I will have:
HQ: Commander & Darkstrider
ELITES:Riptide, a stealthsuit unit (& crisis battlesuits - may take a bit of time to get them rebuilt)
TROOPS : 4 units of Fire Warriors & 2 units of Kroot
FAST: 2 pathfinder units & a Razorshark
HEAVY: 2 Hammerheads & a unit of 3 Broadsides.

This should also mean that I will be well on track to have my first battle using Tau before October (my little 'six month rule' - try to play my first game for a particular army within six months of starting or re-starting them).


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