First Kroot models done

So, I have recently finished the first two models out of sixteen for my second Kroot unit for the Tau.
To tell them apart from the other unit, they are painted green, as opposed to grey. I started off with Catachan Green, followed by Coelia Greenshade, then Nurgling Green (drybrushed over) for the main skin colour, with purple hair and light orange warpaint (of the Y'rrep sept).
Well, the end result of these two models doesn't look too bad and I'll keep going with that colour scheme for the rest of that unit.
Also on the horizon is my Tau Riptide, which is gradually nearing completion, which will then be followed by a couple of shield/ missile drones to accompany him, as well as the finishing touches on the Tau Broadside unit, which is built. After that, I can go on to the second Pathfinder unit.


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