Firestorm 2013

Today, Saturday July 20th, I participated in the Warhammer 40k tournament called Firestorm. It was hosted by the gaming club D.W.A.R.F in Dunfermline, Scotland.
Here are pictures taken of most of the armies that participated, presented on trays that facilitated movement from table to table. Each player played three games against different opponents with the mission and deployment types differing each round. Each round's mission type was an amalgamation of two mission types from the six featured in the 40k rulebook (such as The Emperor's Will and Purge The Alien, for example).

 The blue Eldar force above was the one that won the 'best painted' category.

 The two pictures featuring the blue Necron force represent the army I used.

The final picture here was one of the venue.
This was the first time I had participated in that kind of tournament and ended up 24th out of 28 players. I ended up getting tabled in the first game by Dark Angels. I won by a small margin against Tau (8-7) and lost to Orks in the final game (12-4). One take home message was that I should probably give my Necron lords the 'mindshackle scarabs' to mess up any characters they come up against.
It was nice to play games of 40k against other players not from my regular gaming club - the next tournament for 40k scheduled by D.W.A.R.F is meant to be the 2013 Winter War on the 16th of November. They are planning to have 40k and Warhammer tournaments held on the same day (on different floors). Thanks to everyone involved in playing, organising and running the day's tournament.


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