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Tau Riptide done

So, I've finally finished building and painting my Tau Riptide model that I got a couple of weeks ago. I've somehow managed to maintain the ability for it to turn at the torso.
It has been painted black and slightly dark red, with dark green as the other main colour and orange as the sept colour, along with the two shield/missile drones that come with it.

The next units under construction at the moment are the second unit of Kroot and the second unit of Pathfinders. After that, I'll have to decide on what the final Tau unit will be - Crisis battlesuits or a second Riptide.
I've uploaded a video on Youtube showing an attempt at a 360° view of the Riptide model at It's probably a bit crude/ amateurish, but hey, it's my first attempt at that kind of thing and it was recorded using my digital camera.

Firestorm 2013

Today, Saturday July 20th, I participated in the Warhammer 40k tournament called Firestorm. It was hosted by the gaming club D.W.A.R.F in Dunfermline, Scotland.
Here are pictures taken of most of the armies that participated, presented on trays that facilitated movement from table to table. Each player played three games against different opponents with the mission and deployment types differing each round. Each round's mission type was an amalgamation of two mission types from the six featured in the 40k rulebook (such as The Emperor's Will and Purge The Alien, for example).

 The blue Eldar force above was the one that won the 'best painted' category.

 The two pictures featuring the blue Necron force represent the army I used.

The final picture here was one of the venue.
This was the first time I had participated in that kind of tournament and ended up 24th out of 28 players. I ended up getting tabled in the first game by Dark Angels. I won by a small margin against Tau…

First Kroot models done

So, I have recently finished the first two models out of sixteen for my second Kroot unit for the Tau.
To tell them apart from the other unit, they are painted green, as opposed to grey. I started off with Catachan Green, followed by Coelia Greenshade, then Nurgling Green (drybrushed over) for the main skin colour, with purple hair and light orange warpaint (of the Y'rrep sept).
Well, the end result of these two models doesn't look too bad and I'll keep going with that colour scheme for the rest of that unit.
Also on the horizon is my Tau Riptide, which is gradually nearing completion, which will then be followed by a couple of shield/ missile drones to accompany him, as well as the finishing touches on the Tau Broadside unit, which is built. After that, I can go on to the second Pathfinder unit.

Further Tau acquistitions

So, while on a short holiday in the west of Scotland, I came across the Ayr branch of Games Workshop and got myself some more Tau, which should pretty much finish the army.
What I got was a XV104 Riptide, a second box of Pathfinders and a box of Kroot, which will soon be spray-painted black.
This will mean that, when those models are finished, I will have:
HQ: Commander & Darkstrider
ELITES:Riptide, a stealthsuit unit (& crisis battlesuits - may take a bit of time to get them rebuilt)
TROOPS : 4 units of Fire Warriors & 2 units of Kroot
FAST: 2 pathfinder units & a Razorshark
HEAVY: 2 Hammerheads & a unit of 3 Broadsides.

This should also mean that I will be well on track to have my first battle using Tau before October (my little 'six month rule' - try to play my first game for a particular army within six months of starting or re-starting them).