Some more Dark Angels done

So, I'm gradually getting closer to finishing all my Dark Angel models, as I've just finished the Interrogator-Chaplain, as well as the Sergeant for my Ravenwing unit. With some repairs, I should have the Ravenwing bike unit up to 5 models.

 The Ravenwing Sergeant is slightly modified from the original Dark Vengeance model, with the chainsword replaced by a power fist.
Today, I fielded the Dark Angel army for the first time, in a 1.5k battle against a mainly Ravenwing force. I had a squadron of two land speeders die early on in the battle, as they got shot down by heavy weapon fire, although they did help in taking down part of a bike squadron. The enemy also had two land speeders acting as separate units and they died similarly.
I also tried out the Nephilim flyer, which suffered one hull point in damage from a snap shot lascannon, but it was used to help try to damage or destroy light/ moderately armoured vehicles, taking out a Razorback and a Dreadnought. Another thing I tried was to use two Whirlwinds and a Predator as heavy support, meaning that I only spend 250 points in that section and their main use was to damage or take out lighter targets.
Ultimately, the battle ended after 5 turns (the die roll meant that the game did not continue to turn 6), with me scoring a close victory by 7 points to 6.


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