Now started dabbling with magnets

Earlier today, I got my first set of magnets, a set of 18 from Maplin for £9.99 that are 5 or 6mm in diameter. That means I can now try my hand at 'magnetising' - albeit in a more amateur style, but at least I can try stuff out.
The first thing I have tried 'magnetising' is the side sponsons of a Predator tank that were difficult to stay on. So, I attached one magnet to each lascannon and another to the part of the sponson it is to attach to. Another thing I am trying is to keep a twin-linked lascannon set on my Defiler more strongly attached to the model using two magnets.
As I can get better at this, I will probably see to getting more appropriately sized magnets for different tasks - at least it is a start!


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