Full Ravenwing squad and Tau progress

So, last time I mentioned the Dark Angel Ravenwing squad, I had fully built/ painted 4 bikes, with one to be repaired. Now, I have finished a full squad of 6 bikes.

Additionally, I am slowly but surely making more progress with my Tau army, as I have finished building an old-school Broadside battlesuit (plastic/metal and may need a bit more paintwork done) and some more Fire Warriors.

 I am fairly well on the way to having four units of Fire Warriors, supported by some Kroot, as well as some other drones. I am thinking, eventually of having two units of Kroot, perhaps to provide close combat support and to have a second unit of Pathfinders to provide lots of markerlights to light up enemies.
At the moment, I am building up the last of the Fire Warriors and a third (and final) Broadside battlesuit. When that's all done, I can then progress on to the even harder task of building up a unit of Crisis battlesuits. Darkstrider will eventually be built, to support the Pathfinders and the Stealthsuits are already made up of a unit of six. Here's an image showing what I've built/ painted.
From left to right:
Kroot, various drones, Hammerhead 1, Razorshark flyer, Fire Warriors units 1-4, Broadsides, Pathfinders, Stealthsuits & a battlesuit commander.


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