First Tau Hammerhead and results of magnetising

So, I've built/ painted the Tau Hammerhead tank I got for my birthday last week - all that remains will be to put any final decals on the model and that will be it finished. I'm currently working on the Tau flyer, making it the fighter, rather than the bomber.
After that's done, I'll get around to painting/ building my second Hammerhead.
Another little result has been that I've now got my Dark Angel Predator's sponson lascannons sorted, courteousy of two pairs of magnets. For each case, I put one magnet on the gun and one on the sponson. This is my first attempt at using magnets with models and what I have discovered is:
1) The magnets I got are very darn powerful - detaching one magnet from the other led to ripping the magnet attached to the sponson off. (The magnets were fixed on to the relevant parts with superglue - should I have used something else like araldite?)
2) On the other hand, the attached guns spin through about 200 - 220 degrees with ease and they won't come off without difficulty.
So, here are a couple of pictures showing the end results:

Perhaps the magnets may have been a bit big, but this is my first time and I may be able to use magnets more appropriately sized to the task in hand.


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