Army progress and next projects

So, my Dark Angels are almost finished for the moment, as I've finished building up a Devastator squad with a lascannon, plasma cannon and two missile launchers (with flakk missiles) and the only units/ models left to go are a Librarian, Chaplain and a Ravenwing bike unit (just two or three models left to go, as well as the task of equipping the Sergeant with a power fist, replacing his chainsword).
I am currently planning to field the Dark Angels next Sunday (23rd).

As for the Tau, I have two Hammerhead tanks built, along with the a Razorshark strike fighter. I'm plodding on ahead with building up Fire Warriors (aiming to have three or four units at the end of it) and I acquired three more stealthsuits, meaning that the unit will now be six, not three models (with two fusion blasters). After that's all done, I can see to the battlesuits (Crisis and Broadsides), which are in bits and will take a bit more to get them in order.

Along with that, another (different) project I'll be taking on is building/ painting the models from Dreadfleet, as I got Dreadfleet on Thursday through trading what was left of my Eldar infantry. I just need to find suitable images for reference to figure out how to paint them.


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