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Full Ravenwing squad and Tau progress

So, last time I mentioned the Dark Angel Ravenwing squad, I had fully built/ painted 4 bikes, with one to be repaired. Now, I have finished a full squad of 6 bikes.

Additionally, I am slowly but surely making more progress with my Tau army, as I have finished building an old-school Broadside battlesuit (plastic/metal and may need a bit more paintwork done) and some more Fire Warriors.

 I am fairly well on the way to having four units of Fire Warriors, supported by some Kroot, as well as some other drones. I am thinking, eventually of having two units of Kroot, perhaps to provide close combat support and to have a second unit of Pathfinders to provide lots of markerlights to light up enemies.
At the moment, I am building up the last of the Fire Warriors and a third (and final) Broadside battlesuit. When that's all done, I can then progress on to the even harder task of building up a unit of Crisis battlesuits. Darkstrider will eventually be built, to support the Pathfinders and the…

Some more Dark Angels done

So, I'm gradually getting closer to finishing all my Dark Angel models, as I've just finished the Interrogator-Chaplain, as well as the Sergeant for my Ravenwing unit. With some repairs, I should have the Ravenwing bike unit up to 5 models.

 The Ravenwing Sergeant is slightly modified from the original Dark Vengeance model, with the chainsword replaced by a power fist.
Today, I fielded the Dark Angel army for the first time, in a 1.5k battle against a mainly Ravenwing force. I had a squadron of two land speeders die early on in the battle, as they got shot down by heavy weapon fire, although they did help in taking down part of a bike squadron. The enemy also had two land speeders acting as separate units and they died similarly.
I also tried out the Nephilim flyer, which suffered one hull point in damage from a snap shot lascannon, but it was used to help try to damage or destroy light/ moderately armoured vehicles, taking out a Razorback and a Dreadnought. Another thing I tr…

The Cult of Y'rrep

And now for some silliness - It is only fair that given that the blog has the name of a pig in it, that I have a picture of a pig somewhere in it. So, here is a porcine cult leader - Y'rrep, of the Cult of Y'rrep and he has many animal followers and human followers who can be seen wearing toy animals on their heads in worship.
To show his mind-bending, sinister but cute appearance, here is a spooky image of Y'rrep.

2nd Whirlwind and Tau Razorshark finished

So, having finished the Dark Angels army, in preparation for their first battle, I've finished the second Whirlwind, alongside a unit of Devastators with two missile launchers, a lascannon & plasma cannon.

Also, I've recently built & painted a Tau flyer, a Razorshark. Along with that, I've augmented my stealthsuit unit to six, up from three. At the moment, I'm still going with doing up the Fire Warriors until a find a way of refurbishing several Tau Crisis battlesuits.

Army progress and next projects

So, my Dark Angels are almost finished for the moment, as I've finished building up a Devastator squad with a lascannon, plasma cannon and two missile launchers (with flakk missiles) and the only units/ models left to go are a Librarian, Chaplain and a Ravenwing bike unit (just two or three models left to go, as well as the task of equipping the Sergeant with a power fist, replacing his chainsword).
I am currently planning to field the Dark Angels next Sunday (23rd).

As for the Tau, I have two Hammerhead tanks built, along with the a Razorshark strike fighter. I'm plodding on ahead with building up Fire Warriors (aiming to have three or four units at the end of it) and I acquired three more stealthsuits, meaning that the unit will now be six, not three models (with two fusion blasters). After that's all done, I can see to the battlesuits (Crisis and Broadsides), which are in bits and will take a bit more to get them in order.

Along with that, another (different) project I&…

First Tau Hammerhead and results of magnetising

So, I've built/ painted the Tau Hammerhead tank I got for my birthday last week - all that remains will be to put any final decals on the model and that will be it finished. I'm currently working on the Tau flyer, making it the fighter, rather than the bomber.
After that's done, I'll get around to painting/ building my second Hammerhead.
Another little result has been that I've now got my Dark Angel Predator's sponson lascannons sorted, courteousy of two pairs of magnets. For each case, I put one magnet on the gun and one on the sponson. This is my first attempt at using magnets with models and what I have discovered is:
1) The magnets I got are very darn powerful - detaching one magnet from the other led to ripping the magnet attached to the sponson off. (The magnets were fixed on to the relevant parts with superglue - should I have used something else like araldite?)
2) On the other hand, the attached guns spin through about 200 - 220 degrees with ease and the…

Now started dabbling with magnets

Earlier today, I got my first set of magnets, a set of 18 from Maplin for £9.99 that are 5 or 6mm in diameter. That means I can now try my hand at 'magnetising' - albeit in a more amateur style, but at least I can try stuff out.
The first thing I have tried 'magnetising' is the side sponsons of a Predator tank that were difficult to stay on. So, I attached one magnet to each lascannon and another to the part of the sponson it is to attach to. Another thing I am trying is to keep a twin-linked lascannon set on my Defiler more strongly attached to the model using two magnets.
As I can get better at this, I will probably see to getting more appropriately sized magnets for different tasks - at least it is a start!

New models acquired

So, as it was my birthday today, I was given a couple of Tau vehicles - a Hammerhead/ Skyray tank that I will build as a second Hammerhead and the Razorshark/ Sunshark kit that I'll build as a Razorshark flyer. I pretty much used most or all of a 300ml can of black spray paint that I got in a £1 shop for priming the two kits.
This means that I will have a decent enough contingent for Heavy support, as well as something else to give enemy flyers a run for their money.