Tau Broadside & Shield Drone

So, I've finally built & painted a new all-plastic Tau Broadside, which will form part of a three member unit. The rest of the unit will be built later, comprised of the older models.
There's also a shield drone along with it, as that's the only option for giving the unit invulnerable saves, as I'll use the dedicated support system slot for a velocity tracker to scare the **** out of enemy flyers.

As you can see, the battlesuit is equipped with heavy rail rifle and smart missile system. I've taken some parts from the high-yield missile pods and will be fitting them onto a Hammerhead, to give it a twin smart missile system, instead of the two burst cannons (which I ended up putting onto a Land Raider Crusader, as a replacement twin assault cannon). The orange helmet and colour on the 'shield' covering part of an arm are the sept colour (of the Y'rrep sept).


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