Finished Land Raider Redeemer & models almost finished

I've finished a Land Raider Redeemer to serve my Dark Angel Deathwing, with the usual loadout (multi-melta included).
This time, the photo was taken from my new painting/ assembly 'studio', known as the attic, where I also store my armies while they wait for battle. I already had a desk, chair and TV upstairs and just had to take the boxes, about 100 pots of paint, brushes, etc up a ladder.
There are a few vehicles that are almost finished - just a few bits to be fixed on or final touches painted and they will be finished, namely:
CSM Heldrake (dull gold & black)
Predator with autocannon & lascannon sponsons (Dark Angels green)
Ravenwing Nephilim flyer (black)

After that, I can start or resume work on the many other models that are pending for painting for CSM's, Tau and Dark Angels.


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