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A couple of finished flyers

So, I've recently finished building/ painting a couple of 40k flyers, in the form of a Chaos Heldrake, which I found a bit of a pain in the neck to build, due to the wings and a Dark Angels Nephilim flyer, which was much easier to build.
So, here are the finished models:-
Heldrake (dull gold/ black trim in the 'Kings of Chaos' CSM style, with hades autocannon)

 Now, here's the Dark Angels Nephilim, with the avenger mega-bolter instead of the twin-linked lascannon.

So, that's all the flyers done for the moment and I'm now getting on with a whole lot of Chaos cultists.

Finished Land Raider Redeemer & models almost finished

I've finished a Land Raider Redeemer to serve my Dark Angel Deathwing, with the usual loadout (multi-melta included).
This time, the photo was taken from my new painting/ assembly 'studio', known as the attic, where I also store my armies while they wait for battle. I already had a desk, chair and TV upstairs and just had to take the boxes, about 100 pots of paint, brushes, etc up a ladder.
There are a few vehicles that are almost finished - just a few bits to be fixed on or final touches painted and they will be finished, namely:
CSM Heldrake (dull gold & black)
Predator with autocannon & lascannon sponsons (Dark Angels green)
Ravenwing Nephilim flyer (black)

After that, I can start or resume work on the many other models that are pending for painting for CSM's, Tau and Dark Angels.

Whirlwind 1 and Land Speeder 2

So, that's the second of two Land Speeders built/ painted for the Ravenwing section of my Dark Angels, equipped with a missile launcher & heavy flamer.

 Next, here's the first of two Whirlwinds built/ painted for my Dark Angels, using an old-style Rhino body and a current style missile launcher and an old style storm bolter.
At the moment, I'm working on a Deathwing Land Raider Redeemer, as well as final touches on a Predator.

Tau Stealthsuit unit

Here is a unit of three Tau stealthsuits that I finished recently. Two Shas'ui and one Shas'vre armed with a fusion blaster.
I'll probably take a little break from building/ painting Tau models, as I've got some Dark Angels to build/ paint up in the form of a Land Raider Redeemer (to be painted up for the Deathwing), a Devastator squad, as well as a Nephilim flyer and two Whirlwinds. Another factor that will delay further building of Tau models is to strip/ unbuild some previously painted models, as well as repair some Crisis battlesuits to make regular battlesuits and two Broadsides.

Tau Battlesuit commander with Onager Gauntlet

I've finished painting/ building a Tau Crisis battlesuit model that I'm using as my Tau commander. I started with a basic Crisis battlesuit, with support system, shield generator, plasma rifle & fusion blaster and something that would fit the role of being an onager gauntlet. The part I used for that was a power fist from a space marine Venerable dreadnought. I hollowed out the inside of the fist, removed the thumb and inserted part of the battlesuit arm inside it. Another alteration was the head, which was one of the spare heads from the all-plastic Broadside model kit.

So, here is the end result.
As for other Tau models, I've base coated three Stealthsuits black and I'm getting near to finishing a unit of Fire Warriors.

Tau Broadside & Shield Drone

So, I've finally built & painted a new all-plastic Tau Broadside, which will form part of a three member unit. The rest of the unit will be built later, comprised of the older models.
There's also a shield drone along with it, as that's the only option for giving the unit invulnerable saves, as I'll use the dedicated support system slot for a velocity tracker to scare the **** out of enemy flyers.

As you can see, the battlesuit is equipped with heavy rail rifle and smart missile system. I've taken some parts from the high-yield missile pods and will be fitting them onto a Hammerhead, to give it a twin smart missile system, instead of the two burst cannons (which I ended up putting onto a Land Raider Crusader, as a replacement twin assault cannon). The orange helmet and colour on the 'shield' covering part of an arm are the sept colour (of the Y'rrep sept).