Dark Angels status/ Models to be built/ developed

So, with my Dark Angels, I'm still getting closer to finishing the tactical squads, having built 34 out of 40 models. I've also decided that for Belial, I'll alter him a bit, replacing his power sword and storm bolter for the thunder hammer/ storm shield combination. This should give him more survivability and be able to do some real damage to anything that attacks him.
Once that's out of the way, I can work on a devastator squad, as well as finishing off a predator, a flyer (Nephilim) and two whirlwinds. I also had a change of mind about the second squad of Ravenwing bikers that I was planning to have as a unit of six, but will only be a unit of three. This was due to me buying the new Tau codex instead.

As for Tau, I've decided that the main colour for any models that I do will be red/ green with a black undersuit. I've also got to paint up Commander Shadowsun as a commission.

Changes that are afoot for Tyranids are for to turn my all-plastic Hive Tyrant into a Flyrant (flying hive tyrant). The wings have been painted, I've found two devourers and just need to put it all together. The genestealers are progressing slowly, having done eleven models out of twenty green models and I recently got another box of twelve termagants, meaning that I will have more than sixty termagants, all with devourers.


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