Boxing Dark Angels

One of my other latest projects has developed further, in the form of a big plastic box for my Dark Angels space marines. I didn't buy a miniatures box from GW or some other supplier, as I wanted to make sure that the spaces for models fit whatever specifications I wanted or needed. I used a big clear plastic box from B&Q for about £10 and two 55 x 55cm, 5cm thick sections of blue foam that cost £6 each from Dunelm Mill, totalling £22
So far, I've created three layers of foam for the box
1) Power armour models, 5 rows of 13 to accommodate 65 25mm based infantry
2) Terminators, 3 rows of 8 to accommodate 24 40mm based models
3) Bigger models, where I've created spaces to fit two dreadnoughts, six bikes and one land speeder
I've got a fourth layer remaining, to be allocated for anything else - nothing's been assigned to that.
This should also give me enough space for other vehicles, such as a predator, flying vehicle and a whirlwind.
I am currently getting closer to finishing my Dark Angels army and am hoping to have them ready for battle in May or June, as I don't usually field an army until they're all painted.


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