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First Tau unit done - Pathfinders

Well, that's the first unit finished of my return to a Tau army for 40k. This is a unit of the all-new, all-plastic Pathfinders. The unit is ten models, including two rail rifles, one ion rifle and two drones (a recon drone and a particle accelerator).
The colour scheme is black for the undersuit and a dark red (Khorne red) for the armour plates, with orange for the sept colour - The sept name has been declared as Y'rrep.

The next models likely to be finished will be a new, all-plastic Broadside battlesuit and some Fire Warriors.

Tau progress

Well, I've made some slow progress with my Tau forces. I've almost finished my all-plastic Pathfinder unit, having built three drones (pulse accelerator, recon and shield) and 10 models (one shas'ui, one ion rifle, two rail rifles). I just have some minor details to do (paint some bits gold and do basing) and that will be them finished.
I should have a picture of the unit up soon and then I can start work on a 12-man Fire Warrior unit that I got a couple of days ago. I have settled on the black/ dark red (or crimson) colour scheme, with dark green as a supplementary colour for the red and orange for the sept colour.

Belial, Grand Master of the Deathwing (slight conversion job)

Finally, I've finished one of the four Dark Angel HQ models that I have (the other three are the company master, librarian and the chaplain), namely Belial, Grand Master of the Deathwing. It's taken a bit longer than usual, as I decided to give him a bit of a conversion job. It's not too radical a conversion job, it's just replacement of the storm bolter and power sword arms with those wielding a thunder hammer and storm shield. I didn't do anything with the main body. Naturally, I used a Dark Angel thunder hammer/ storm shield set.
The reason for this was that when I played a game of 40k using CSM's against an all-Terminator Dark Angel force, I ended up charging my Helbrute into Belial. As Belial only had his 'fleshbane' sword for melee, he couldn't do anything to Helbrute but Helbrute smashed the seven bells out of him with his power fist. So, I decided that I would exercise one of the army list options and give him the thunder hammer/ storm shiel…

Chaos Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut

I've finally finished repairing/ re-painting my Chaos Lord of Khorne on a Juggernaut, having given him a pair of lightning claws that came from the Raptors box set.
I will probably use a unit of CSM Chosen from the Dark Vengeance box set as an entourage for him, as they are mostly armed with close combat weapons. Alternatively, I could always use a regular Khorne Berzerker unit for him.

Commander Shadowsun

One model that I finished painting yesterday was a commission for someone else, in the form of Tau commander Shadowsun. I used the picture from the Tau codex as a point of reference for how to paint the model.
I only painted her, not the drones, as I didn't get given any. Chances are that any future Tau models painted by me will be for my own forces.

Flying Hive Tyrant alteration completed

I've now finished altering my Tyranid Hive Tyrant, to give it wings, making it into a Flyrant armed with a bonesword, lash whip & a pair of devourers (useful for two attempts at trying to take down flyers). In the spirit of WYSIWYG, I made sure the devourers were somewhere, so I made them 'thorax-mounted', due to the wings taking up the place of two arms.
Those wings are flaming massive, compared to the set you get for the Chaos Daemon Prince but I now have something that my Tyranids can use to respond to flyers.

Dark Angels status/ Models to be built/ developed

So, with my Dark Angels, I'm still getting closer to finishing the tactical squads, having built 34 out of 40 models. I've also decided that for Belial, I'll alter him a bit, replacing his power sword and storm bolter for the thunder hammer/ storm shield combination. This should give him more survivability and be able to do some real damage to anything that attacks him.
Once that's out of the way, I can work on a devastator squad, as well as finishing off a predator, a flyer (Nephilim) and two whirlwinds. I also had a change of mind about the second squad of Ravenwing bikers that I was planning to have as a unit of six, but will only be a unit of three. This was due to me buying the new Tau codex instead.

As for Tau, I've decided that the main colour for any models that I do will be red/ green with a black undersuit. I've also got to paint up Commander Shadowsun as a commission.

Changes that are afoot for Tyranids are for to turn my all-plastic Hive Tyrant int…

Boxing Dark Angels

One of my other latest projects has developed further, in the form of a big plastic box for my Dark Angels space marines. I didn't buy a miniatures box from GW or some other supplier, as I wanted to make sure that the spaces for models fit whatever specifications I wanted or needed. I used a big clear plastic box from B&Q for about £10 and two 55 x 55cm, 5cm thick sections of blue foam that cost £6 each from Dunelm Mill, totalling £22
So far, I've created three layers of foam for the box
1) Power armour models, 5 rows of 13 to accommodate 65 25mm based infantry
2) Terminators, 3 rows of 8 to accommodate 24 40mm based models
3) Bigger models, where I've created spaces to fit two dreadnoughts, six bikes and one land speeder
I've got a fourth layer remaining, to be allocated for anything else - nothing's been assigned to that.
This should also give me enough space for other vehicles, such as a predator, flying vehicle and a whirlwind.
I am currently getting closer…