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Marneus Calgar again

I've now painted a second model of Marneus Calgar for someone. This time, it was a Finecast model and I painted it a bit differently (with a red cloak instead of off-white and dull gold for certain symbols).

Helbrute 2

I've finally finished building and am one step away from finishing the paint job on my second CSM Helbrute. One difference this time is that apart from a different colour for the armour trim, there is a slight conversion job, as I've turned the multi-melta into a twin-linked lascannon. Here's the end result.

The only step that remains for the paint job is for the armour to have a wash applied over it to make it look more dirty and golden.

Deathwing Knights

So, that ends the first of my Deathwing terminator units, the Deathwing Knights. Another ten-man terminator unit is almost finished, once I get the tenth model fitted out, probably along with a cyclone missile launcher.
Another terminator model that will be finished soon will be a second Marneus Calgar that I've been asked to paint for someone. I'm doing that model slightly differently and another difference is that it is a Finecast model, as opposed to a metal one.

Ravenwing Land Speeder

Here's the first part of my Ravenwing squadron, having built up the Land Speeder, which will be followed up eventually with a unit of six bikers.

Next project coming soon are for me to paint up another Marneus Calgar (this time in Finecast), as well as some Imperial Guardsmen.

Next/ current projects

I've finished preparatory work on my next project for Chaos Space Marines - Helbrute 2! This will be a normal Dark Vengeance Helbrute with slight conversion work done on it, converting the multi-melta into a twin-linked lascannon.
This will also be followed by doing up a second Dark Angel Dreadnought with multi-melta and power fist - this is being stripped of paint at the moment, along with a Predator.
In terms of painting, I'm still getting on with Dark Angels of all persuasions (normal, Deathwing and Ravenwing).