Some initial Chaos models done

So, I'm currently working on several projects at one time, which is typical of me. What I'm showing today is the first model of my CSM bike unit, which will be affiliated to Nurgle and a couple of the many cultist models I'll have to paint/ build (there will be around 40-50 models).

Here's the Chaos biker.

Next, here are the two cultists
I've decided that the cultists will generally have the colour green somewhere on them, along with a lighter or darker shade or purple.
These pictures mark a change in my photography, as I got a new camera last weekend for £65, with a 16 megapixel resolution and 8x optical zoom.

The next models that will show up will most likely be Dark Angels or more CSM's, as I've got a whole lot of Dark Angels (of all denominations) in progress along with a Heldrake and a future conversion job lined up for the second Helbrute.

Last Sunday, I had my first 40k game of CY 2013, playing as CSM's against Dark Angels (primarily a Deathwing force with a Dreadnought). It was a very hard fought game, with both sides ending up with not much left and the model of the match for my force was my Helbrute who destroyed Belial and a Dreadnought (he will probably be promoted to Painbrute or Helbastard for such exemplary destruction).


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