First painting/ building of models for CY2013

Having received two flying models for Christmas, in the form of a Razorwing for Dark Eldar and a Heldrake for the CSM's, I recently started work on both of them and am making gradual progress on doing the Heldrake.
I also got a second box of Dark Vengeance, in order to be able to have big 20+ units of cultists when I ever get them built and onto the battlefield, as I don't like the idea of 10-man cultist units (not big enough unit), as well as the opportunity to build a second Helbrute that I can do alterations on, such as adding a heavy flamer onto the power fist and replacing the multi-melta with a twin-linked lascannon.
As for the Dark Angels, I'll have a better idea of what I plan to do with them from Saturday onwards (when I get my hands on the new codex). I wonder if the new triple-purpose Terminator box set will be compatible with the vanilla Terminators.


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