Update on model painting/ building progress

So, I'm nearing the end of building the Forgefiend for my Chaos Space Marines, and once that is done, I will eventually start on working on the CSM Raptors and cultists. Before that happens, however, I was presented with a commission by a player I played against today. This commission is in the form of Space Marine models - a Techmarine and 4 Servitors.
What I've started is preliminiary research/ planning in how to paint the models and I've looked at a picture of how to paint the models from the GW page, as the Techmarine is to be painted in Ultramarine colours. I may have a look in previous White Dwarf magazines for further inspiration and I'll see to starting that soon above all other models. I hope to have this finished within the next 2-3 weeks and have pictures up in that time.


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