Finished Forgefiend and commissioned Techmarine/ Servitors

So, that's me finally finished building/ painting my Chaos Forgefiend, armed with an ectoplasma cannon head and two Hades autocannons. Hopefully, I will field this model the next time I use my CSM's. The main colours were dull gold with red trim. I also used two of the texture paints on the base, one of them for the symbol of Khorne (just for fun).

Also, I have finished painting the Techmarine and 4 Servitors that I was commissioned to do a couple of weeks ago. I did initially dread having to disassemble the models for painting, but it wasn't too difficult to get the glue off and they were also unpainted, meaning less time needed for preparation.

Next, it will probably be back to painting/ building Chaos models (CSM's and cultists) & whatever arrives for Christmas.


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