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Necron Destroyer Lord and CSM Chosen

So, that's me finally finished painting the 'Chosen' unit of Chaos Space Marines from the Dark Vengeance box set - which now just leaves me to make a start on doing the cultists, as well as a Chaos Lord of Khorne to go with the Chosen. It shouldn't take too long for that, as all I need to do is paint him up and put a new pair of lightning claws on him (which I've taken from the new plastic Raptor kit). I've got a Juggernaut mount for him, but I painted that model ages ago.
Here is the unit of 6 models. I painted the Chaos Lord earlier and painted the armour trim green, as I affiliated him to Nurgle. The Chosen have dark red trim, as they will be aligned with Khorne.
Now, one all-important model for my Necrons has been finished - a Destroyer Lord with warscythe and resurrection orb. I did have to do some slight alterations, as the model came with a staff of light and the resurrection orb arm would have gone on the same side as the warscythe. To fix that, I nabb…

More things to do

So, things have been rather quiet for me in terms of building/ painting models, as I'm just beginning my fifth week of full-time employment. On the other hand, it will mean that I am able to afford to buy stuff.
Apart from that, I've just finished the Chosen CSM models from Dark Vengeance, started building/ painting the Forgefiend and am getting closer to finishing off my Necron Destroyer Lord, to be armed with warscythe and resurrection orb. I also acquired some tanks, in the form of a Banehammer Super-Heavy that will be in the service of my CSM's and a Predator with autocannon turret and lascannon sponsons.
The Predator is being stripped of paint before I'll get to re-painting it and the Banehammer is unpainted but has parts of the sponsons are not there. That said, however, I did get the two tanks for £30 in total, as opposed to buying them first hand, which would have cost £105. Additionally, I'm not too worried about the incomplete sponsons, as I can either bu…