Recent acquisitions/ plans for re-formatting CSM's

I've now finally got my hands on a Necron Destroyer Lord, armed with a resurrection orb and staff of light, which may end up being the second or third HQ option for my Necron army. As it was painted mainly white & black, I'll have to strip the paint off before I work on it. The other thing I'll do to it is find a warscythe for the model, as I think there isn't any other close combat weapon suited for a Necron lord - I'll probably get that by taking a warscythe from a Lychguard model.

Another set of models I've picked up recently was two boxes of the new all-plastic CSM Raptors (finally, bye-bye metal jump infantry) - I'll probably set them up by giving them a power fist for the champion, two meltaguns (as they're assault class weapons and good for killing heavy infantry) and an Icon of Khorne to make them nasty. I might also give a Khorne Berzerker champion a pair of lightning claws, seeing as though I'm not going to be short of them, as I won't be making any Warp Talon models.
I've started painting some CSM's with pink armour trim, to make them look like they're in with Slaanesh, especially as a CSM unit of Slaanesh with the relevant Icon gets Feel No Pain.

I'm also looking into the idea of getting one of the Maulerfiend/ Forgefiend models, fitting it with two Hades autocannons and an ectoplasma cannon or having three of the ectoplasma cannons but that will be for after payday.


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