Deathwing Terminator

So, here is the first time I've built/ painted an Imperial Terminator in ages, having decided not to do Space Marines. I've always had a soft spot for the Dark Angels since 2nd edition, however and along came the 6th edition box set, Dark Vengeance with Dark Angels along with CSM's.

Here is a try at painting a Deathwing Terminator:
I used the following colours to paint up the colours:
Crux Terminatus - Chaos Black, drybrushed with Skull White
Red - Evil Suns Scarlet
Green - Caliban Green, then drybrushed with Hellion Green (winged sword)
Bone White - Dheneb Stone, washed with Agrax Earthshade, then Screaming Skull
Base - Blackfire Earth
Brown for ropes - Charadon Granite
Scrolls - Skull white, then Seraphim Sepia

I have also started on the regular Dark Angels squad and once the whole squad is painted, then I'll post a picture up of them. Work is also progressing slowly with the rest of the Dark Vengeance models.


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