Dark Vengeance Chaos Lord done!

So, I've now finished building/ painting the Chaos Lord from the 40k Dark Vengeance box set. I've painted him up with dull golden armour/ green trim, along with a purple cloak to signify his allegiance to Nurgle. I suppose that when fielding him in battle after the new CSM codex comes out, I'll probably classify his big sword as a daemon weapon, as I assume it would fit the part.

Here is the image:


  1. I love your paint scheme dude, just fantastic.
    How did you do the dull gold?

  2. Thanks for the comment.
    The way I did the dull gold was to start from Leadbelcher/ boltgun metal or a slightly lighter silvery colour, followed by a wash or two with Seraphim Sepia/ gryphonne sepia (with optional wash of Agrax Earthshade/ devlan mud before that to dull the silvery colour down a bit).
    The initial inspiration came from a GW blog entry that showed one of GW's painters doing it for the golden armour of Sanguinary Guard and I thought I would give it a go.


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