Stuff to work on now

So, as the Necrons were out of the way, I'm now working on re-painting/ re-doing quite a few Tyranid models, as well as resuming the painting of my Chaos Space Marines, especially as the CSM revival is meant to be coming soon, with the arrival of the new 6th edition Starter set (featuring Dark Angels and CSMs) and supposedly after that, the next CSM codex.
As 'cult' units are being relegated from Troops to Elites, I may not be able to field as many of them. What I'm going to do is crack on with re-painting models to my intended golden armour colour scheme and make sure I've got at least 30 or 40 generic CSM's. I'll also figure out what Chaos Daemons I would like to field alongside them as potential allies.
For the Tyranids, I'm making a start on stripping the paint off of a Venomthrope, Raveners and unbuilt Gargoyles, along with re-painting the Genestealers - with some units being red/ green or green/ purple. I'll also see to fitting the Raveners with rending claws to make them a bit more dangerous to their enemies.
While this is going on, the Tyranids are probably on a break but I've still got quite a few CSMs aside from that, from which I can cobble together 3,000 points for battles.


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