Some Daemons and Tyranids (a mix of red and green)

So, having decided not to go for buying Dark Vengeance (in preference towards getting the new CSM codex, whenever that will happen - it is going to happen, right?), I ended up buying a box of the new all-plastic Plaguebearer models and have made a start on them.
I started by spraying them black, basecoating with Caliban Green, followed by Warpstone Glow and Nurgling Green and finished with a wash of Druchii Violet for the main colours. Here's a picture of one of the new ones with two old metal models.

Also, I've made some initial progress in re-painting my Genestealers with 6 models from one unit painted green (Caliban Green, Warpstone Glow, Hellion Green and finished by a wash of Druchii Violet) and purple (Naggaroth Night, followed by dry-brushing with Lucius Lilac). The other unit would be painted red/ green.

Next, here's some red/ green Tyranids in the form of some Gargoyles and a Ravener. The red was painted by starting with Khorne Red, washing with Coelia Greenshade and finishing with Evil Suns Scarlet, with green painted as mentioned earlier.


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