Necrons now finished!

So, I've finally done it! For the time being, I've finished building/ painting all the models in my Necron Army, which means that I can now concentrate on re-painting or re-doing models in my Tyranid and Chaos Space Marines. The next items on the build/ paint agenda are a Land Raider for Chaos, as well as building up a red Swarmlord and some Genestealers, where I'll have units that are red/ green or green/ purple. I've made a start with two Genestealers, beginning with Caliban Green and Naggaroth Night, replacing those where they are painted blue/ purple.
In battle today, I played my Necrons v Space Marines (2 players) in a 2,000 point per side battle and my Canoptek Scarabs managed to kill another Dreadnought, although it took two rounds to do so (they got shot up before reaching it). In the first round, the Dreadnought's armour was reduced to 8 and lost two hull points and in the second round, its armour was down to 6 and it was wrecked, although my unit was down to one base that got smacked out by a Terminator with power fist.
My Doom Scythe took out another Dreadnought with a death ray and tried shooting up some Terminators to no avail, before getting shot to blazes by a Stormtalon. Next time, I vow I'll wipe one of those things out, even if I have to devote a whole army to that task. Also, my Overlord fared very well against a Space Marine Captain armed with a relic blade who decided to challenge him. As the relic blade is like a super power sword with +2 S and AP3, I found that equipping the Overlord with sempiternal weave for a 2+ save was a very good idea, as I was saving at 2+, whereas my warscythe at AP1 denied the captain's 2+ save. The challenge ended after two rounds with the Overlord suffering no wounds and the captain down to one wound after my opponents called it a day, thinking that the battle wasn't going their way at turn 4.


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