Necrons almost finished

So, I am now coming to the end of the Necron models that I've got to build/ paint up for the moment. Now, I've only got two Canoptek Wraiths to go and I'll have a full unit of six models. I've also finished a small unit of five Immortals - maybe in time, I'll add to them. Hopefully, I'll aim to take some pictures of my Necron army in its full glory.
Today, I had two battle using the 6th edition rulebook - the first being Necrons v Necrons (500 pts per player) and it ended up being a dead draw (nil - nil) with no vehicles on either side. The second battle I had was Necrons v Space Marines (1,599 pts per player) and I won by a couple of VP's. During that battle, the Necrons did what they like doing best in destroying vehicles in various ways such as Scarabs reducing the armour value of an Ironclad Dreadnought by 6 and tearing it up with several penetrating hits, causing enough glancing hits with gauss weapons to a vehicle to kill it or blowing up vehicles with the Doomsday Ark or heavy gauss cannons.
Overall, people are getting the impression that fielding vehicles in an army against Necrons is a very bad idea.


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