Incubus conversion done

So, before the 6th edition of Warhammer 40k, power weapons were great at scaring off even the most heavily armoured warriors such as Terminators. Now, they've been toned down and are now only AP3, making 2+ save models harder to kill and Incubi power weapons are in the AP3 category.
In order to give my unit of Incubi some degree of threat, I've converted one of the models to be fitted with demiklaives, as one of the attack modes is AP2. Basically, I replaced the klaive with a two-bladed Executioner from a Howling Banshee exarch, as it appeared to fit the bill adequately. I cut the weapon in half, did some alteration of the hands/ arms connected to the blades and it looks like it does the job. So, here's an image of the finished job.


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