First 40k battle of 6th edition

So, I've had my first battle using the 6th edition Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. I played a small battle of 500 points per player - Necrons v Space Marines and it ended up very close. For a simple drop into the new edition, it was decided to play a 'Purge The Alien' battle - the closest thing to 5th edition's Annihilation mission type. Notable points of this battle were that I tore up a Razorback using a unit of 4 Canoptek Scarab bases by charging into close combat in Turn 2, making a 9" charge, stripping 9 points of armour from the vehicle and destroying it through multiple automatically penetrating hits (the vehicle did go boom), followed by the enemy captain chomping the Scarabs over 2-3 turns. That vehicle scored me 2 VP's - 1 for destroying the vehicle and another 1 for 'First Blood'.
There was an instance of close combat denial when a unit of Necron Warriors shot a Dreadnought that came out of a Drop pod, ripping off two hull points through two glancing hits. In the following player turn, the Dreadnought decided to charge into the Necron Warriors, only for it to lose its last hull point and get wrecked by Overwatch fire before it got a chance to strike a blow in close combat.
My other Necron Warrior unit faced off against regular Space Marines, with a few turns of exchanging fire, followed by them getting wiped out in close combat. There was only one challenge issued - the Space Marine captain challenging the Overlord, which was duly accepted. In the first and only round of combat, the Overlord's phase shifter saved all invulnerable saves it had to make and the warscythe took one wound off the captain. This one on one combat did not come to a final conclusion, as the game ended at the end of turn 5.
I did see some other people trying small battles to get some idea of how the new rules work and it seemed that Wound allocation looked to be a mechanism that was slowing things down, as well as trying to refer to what rules did what - I suppose that will be due to the fact that it is early days for this set of rules and things may get faster as people become more accustomed to these rules.


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