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Necron models

So, having declared my Necrons as having been all built/ painted recently, I thought I would post a few images of some of them.
First, here's the Doom Scythe

Next, the Canoptek Spyder

Finally, a unit of five Canoptek Wraiths (I've actually got a unit of six but one of the models had a small bit fall off.

Incubus conversion done

So, before the 6th edition of Warhammer 40k, power weapons were great at scaring off even the most heavily armoured warriors such as Terminators. Now, they've been toned down and are now only AP3, making 2+ save models harder to kill and Incubi power weapons are in the AP3 category.
In order to give my unit of Incubi some degree of threat, I've converted one of the models to be fitted with demiklaives, as one of the attack modes is AP2. Basically, I replaced the klaive with a two-bladed Executioner from a Howling Banshee exarch, as it appeared to fit the bill adequately. I cut the weapon in half, did some alteration of the hands/ arms connected to the blades and it looks like it does the job. So, here's an image of the finished job.

Necrons now finished!

So, I've finally done it! For the time being, I've finished building/ painting all the models in my Necron Army, which means that I can now concentrate on re-painting or re-doing models in my Tyranid and Chaos Space Marines. The next items on the build/ paint agenda are a Land Raider for Chaos, as well as building up a red Swarmlord and some Genestealers, where I'll have units that are red/ green or green/ purple. I've made a start with two Genestealers, beginning with Caliban Green and Naggaroth Night, replacing those where they are painted blue/ purple.
In battle today, I played my Necrons v Space Marines (2 players) in a 2,000 point per side battle and my Canoptek Scarabs managed to kill another Dreadnought, although it took two rounds to do so (they got shot up before reaching it). In the first round, the Dreadnought's armour was reduced to 8 and lost two hull points and in the second round, its armour was down to 6 and it was wrecked, although my unit was down…

Necrons almost finished

So, I am now coming to the end of the Necron models that I've got to build/ paint up for the moment. Now, I've only got two Canoptek Wraiths to go and I'll have a full unit of six models. I've also finished a small unit of five Immortals - maybe in time, I'll add to them. Hopefully, I'll aim to take some pictures of my Necron army in its full glory.
Today, I had two battle using the 6th edition rulebook - the first being Necrons v Necrons (500 pts per player) and it ended up being a dead draw (nil - nil) with no vehicles on either side. The second battle I had was Necrons v Space Marines (1,599 pts per player) and I won by a couple of VP's. During that battle, the Necrons did what they like doing best in destroying vehicles in various ways such as Scarabs reducing the armour value of an Ironclad Dreadnought by 6 and tearing it up with several penetrating hits, causing enough glancing hits with gauss weapons to a vehicle to kill it or blowing up vehicles wit…

First 40k battle of 6th edition

So, I've had my first battle using the 6th edition Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. I played a small battle of 500 points per player - Necrons v Space Marines and it ended up very close. For a simple drop into the new edition, it was decided to play a 'Purge The Alien' battle - the closest thing to 5th edition's Annihilation mission type. Notable points of this battle were that I tore up a Razorback using a unit of 4 Canoptek Scarab bases by charging into close combat in Turn 2, making a 9" charge, stripping 9 points of armour from the vehicle and destroying it through multiple automatically penetrating hits (the vehicle did go boom), followed by the enemy captain chomping the Scarabs over 2-3 turns. That vehicle scored me 2 VP's - 1 for destroying the vehicle and another 1 for 'First Blood'.
There was an instance of close combat denial when a unit of Necron Warriors shot a Dreadnought that came out of a Drop pod, ripping off two hull points through two glan…