Post-birthday constructions and rant

So, I've now started building/ painting the Necron/ Tyranid stuff that I've bought over the past months. Well, I've almost finished the Doom Scythe (which I bought on Saturday, my birthday!) and have started on a Finecast Zoanthrope. After that, I'll have a Tyrannofex, two boxes of Canoptek Wraiths, a Canoptek Spyder, a box of 5 Immortals and a Triarch Stalker. Hopefully, that will keep me occupied for a while and build my Necrons up to (or near to) 3,000 pts.

Now, a rant will begin.
Firsty, do I get a feeling that a lot of cheating is going on in Warhammer 40,000? When looking on Internet fora, there are so many times when I see the terms beardy, cheese, WAAC, etc used to describe people who cheat in regular games or tournaments. On some occasions, however, there are people whose choice of forces or tactics in 40K has nothing wrong with them but the person is branded as being beardy or cheese for no good reason. Surely the 40k community could learn to put up or shut up about cheating in 40k and reserve use of such terms for when people are actually cheating. Perhaps Privateer Press got it right when they wrote 'PAGE 5' of the Warmachine rulebook and point 1 - whiners will not be tolerated. If you think that something is beardy or over-powered, then it is best that you should not play that game any more.
Personally, my attitude regarding having to deal with powerful armies in 40k is that if you get defeated horribly, learn from it so you can come up with ways of beating or mitigating against that type of unit/ tactic/ whatever. One example of learning from a battle experience is not to deploy a unit's models in base contact with each other - spread them out!
What got my goat recently was when I mentioned at my local gaming club that I bought a 7th Zoanthrope for my Tyranids, which I am planning to use to replace an older model as a second 6th Zoanthrope. One of the other people at the club opined that having so many Zoanthropes was 'beardy'. I objected to this comment, as I thought he was accusing me of cheating, as the Tyranid codex allows for a maximum of 9 Zoanthropes, although I wouldn't use any more than 6 in a 2k to 3k point battle. Mind you, people complain about the 'Dreadnought in a Drop Pod' tactic used by Space Marines - 3 Zoanthropes in a Mycetic Spore is a Tyranid way of doing it better.
Finally, what is probably wrong about 40k communities is there is probably too much whining going on and not enough learning from experiences in battles to do things better. Also, people should think how real life and real life battles work out - generals and commanders do not have the luxury of being able to say to their enemies just before fighting begins and say that they refuse to battle against them, as their forces are overpowered/ beardy/ whatever - any such general or commander who would do such thing would be an ex-commander, sporting a bullet in their head and the territory claimed by default by the enemy, as the force refused to fight against them.


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