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6th edition 40k has come

So, I now have the sixth edition Warhammer 40,000 rulebook in my hands - a big 450 page, 1.9 kilogram hardback tome. Well, from what I have read, things will be different - flyers will try to dominate the skies, many more weapons will fire, charging into combat will be less predictable and could happen from a bit further away, vehicles can be 'glanced' to death, the 2+ armour save will be more sacred in close combat and you may have to pick some of your close combat fights more carefully. There are many other twists and tweaks that will keep 40k players occupied with for the next four years (when 7th edition will probably come along). Luckily some things that I was fearing could have happened have not but can someone find a way of getting rid of those who keep trying to ban you from using certain weapons because they don't fit into their 'meta' or 'metagame' - I'm sorry but what right does the 'meta' have to say that I can't use flamers or p…

Update on model building

So, I've built the biggish models of the kits that I bought over the past few weeks and so far I've built the proper Tyrannofex, Finecast Zoanthrope, Necron Doom Scythe and made a bit of a balls-up with the Triarch Stalker (I put the bits that the legs fit onto the wrong way round).
In progress are the revamp of my green metal Hive Tyrant into a red Swarmlord, using the bonesabre arms from the plastic kit and the Canoptek Spider. After that, there will be the unit of six Canoptek Wraiths.

Yesterday, I ended up playing a small battle (1,250 pts) with my Necrons against Space Marines and gave my Doom Scythe a debut. Well, I ended up concluding that the Doom Scythe was well worth buying once it gets up close and personal to fire its death ray. Before the death ray got shot out by a Dreadnought, it destroyed several power armour Marines, several Terminators and blew a Razorback to bits. I did get revenge on the Dreadnought by playing a little dance of moving 12" in such a way…

Post-birthday constructions and rant

So, I've now started building/ painting the Necron/ Tyranid stuff that I've bought over the past months. Well, I've almost finished the Doom Scythe (which I bought on Saturday, my birthday!) and have started on a Finecast Zoanthrope. After that, I'll have a Tyrannofex, two boxes of Canoptek Wraiths, a Canoptek Spyder, a box of 5 Immortals and a Triarch Stalker. Hopefully, that will keep me occupied for a while and build my Necrons up to (or near to) 3,000 pts.

Now, a rant will begin.
Firsty, do I get a feeling that a lot of cheating is going on in Warhammer 40,000? When looking on Internet fora, there are so many times when I see the terms beardy, cheese, WAAC, etc used to describe people who cheat in regular games or tournaments. On some occasions, however, there are people whose choice of forces or tactics in 40K has nothing wrong with them but the person is branded as being beardy or cheese for no good reason. Surely the 40k community could learn to put up or shut u…