Project Flayed One finished!

So, I've finally finished 'Project Flayed One', which involved converting twelve regular Necron warriors into Flayed Ones, using some plasticard and green stuff. To make out the fact that they are outcasts, the models were primarily painted purple, as opposed to my normal colour scheme of dark blue for the main armour plates.
Plasticard (I think it was somewhere between 0.8 to 1mm thickness) was used to make claws or talons (3 per hand) and the green stuff was used to make the flayed 'flesh', which was painted up using regular 'flesh' colours, washed with ogryn flesh wash. The texture on the base was applied using the new GW 'snow' textured paint, with a wash of purple or ogryn flesh many hours or a day after drying.
So, without further ado, here is the finished result:
My next work will be to fit a converted 'heavy gauss cannon' onto my third Destroyer, to upgrade him to a Heavy Destroyer, followed by building a second CSM Defiler.


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