Progress with re-fitting Necrons

So, I'm making progress in re-fitting/ converting some of my Necrons. I have finished 6 out of 12 Flayed Ones that I have made out of Necron Warriors, green stuff and some plasticard and progress is being made on the other 6 models. Once I've got all 12 done, I'll probably see to putting pictures up. Now, to mark out the flayed ones as 'outcasts', they are painted 'boltgun metal'/ purple (as opposed to blue), possibly with a wash of 'ogryn flesh' on the metal parts, to make those areas look more rusted/ bloody.
I've also decided to convert a regular Necron Destroyer into a Heavy Destroyer. So far, I've made the heavy gauss cannon out of two regular gauss cannons and part of a tesla carbine. I just have to put plastic rods in and paint it and it will be all finished.


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