More new models acquired

So, I've got some more models for my Necrons and Tyranids, to update or expand on my current forces. Not to mention, get them before GW raises the prices (Although for some reason, they haven't mentioned what effect there will be on the UK prices yet)!
I got myself a box of Necron Canoptek Wraiths,a box of Immortals, a Canoptek Spider, an actual Tyrannofex/ Tervigon (to be made into a Tyrannofex) as opposed to the two I made out of Carnifices, an all-plastic Hive Tyrant and a Finecast Zoanthrope. Next week, I'll get my hands on some more models when my birthday comes!
The Hive Tyrant is mostly complete, apart from final painting touches and subsequent assembly and once that's finished, I'll get onto the rest, along with attempts to try to get a Land Raider back into a usable state and assemble/ paint a Land Raider that someone asked me to re-paint/ re-assemble for them (which has disassembled itself and I just have to get rid of all of the black gunge that was spray paint and then I'll paint it yellow).
Other things I'll get around to are to fit a Fleshborer Hive onto one of the Carnifex/ Tyrannofex conversion jobs (Hmm, a 20 shot fleshborer!), splitting 7 Zoanthropes into three units, building another unit of 10 Genestealers, building all the nice Necron stuff (probably edging them closer to 3,000 points) and continue with the long slog which is re-painting all of my Chaos Space Marine army.


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