3rd Heavy Destroyer

So, just after finishing Project Flayed One, another Necron conversion project (a simpler one) has finished!
Here is my second conversion job, converting a Necron Destroyer into a Heavy Destroyer, by making an all-plastic Heavy Gauss cannon, out of two gauss cannons and a tesla carbine. I ended up doing this, as I decided that it would probably be better if my unit of three Destroyers were all armed with the same heavy gun and would be better placed as an anti-vehicle unit, with three attempts at destroying a target vehicle.
Also, if I wanted to turn a Destroyer into a Heavy, I would now have to get a conversion kit from GW Direct Sales (in Finecast), as opposed to the old (probably now discontinued) Heavy Destroyer kit and I thought "stuff that for a lark!".
So, here is the end result:

So, I now have a unit of three Heavy Destroyers for the next time my Necrons go to battle.


  1. A cool conversion dude, its a nice change from the regular heavy destroyer gun


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