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More new models acquired

So, I've got some more models for my Necrons and Tyranids, to update or expand on my current forces. Not to mention, get them before GW raises the prices (Although for some reason, they haven't mentioned what effect there will be on the UK prices yet)!
I got myself a box of Necron Canoptek Wraiths,a box of Immortals, a Canoptek Spider, an actual Tyrannofex/ Tervigon (to be made into a Tyrannofex) as opposed to the two I made out of Carnifices, an all-plastic Hive Tyrant and a Finecast Zoanthrope. Next week, I'll get my hands on some more models when my birthday comes!
The Hive Tyrant is mostly complete, apart from final painting touches and subsequent assembly and once that's finished, I'll get onto the rest, along with attempts to try to get a Land Raider back into a usable state and assemble/ paint a Land Raider that someone asked me to re-paint/ re-assemble for them (which has disassembled itself and I just have to get rid of all of the black gunge that was spra…

3rd Heavy Destroyer

So, just after finishing Project Flayed One, another Necron conversion project (a simpler one) has finished!
Here is my second conversion job, converting a Necron Destroyer into a Heavy Destroyer, by making an all-plastic Heavy Gauss cannon, out of two gauss cannons and a tesla carbine. I ended up doing this, as I decided that it would probably be better if my unit of three Destroyers were all armed with the same heavy gun and would be better placed as an anti-vehicle unit, with three attempts at destroying a target vehicle.
Also, if I wanted to turn a Destroyer into a Heavy, I would now have to get a conversion kit from GW Direct Sales (in Finecast), as opposed to the old (probably now discontinued) Heavy Destroyer kit and I thought "stuff that for a lark!".
So, here is the end result:

So, I now have a unit of three Heavy Destroyers for the next time my Necrons go to battle.

Project Flayed One finished!

So, I've finally finished 'Project Flayed One', which involved converting twelve regular Necron warriors into Flayed Ones, using some plasticard and green stuff. To make out the fact that they are outcasts, the models were primarily painted purple, as opposed to my normal colour scheme of dark blue for the main armour plates.
Plasticard (I think it was somewhere between 0.8 to 1mm thickness) was used to make claws or talons (3 per hand) and the green stuff was used to make the flayed 'flesh', which was painted up using regular 'flesh' colours, washed with ogryn flesh wash. The texture on the base was applied using the new GW 'snow' textured paint, with a wash of purple or ogryn flesh many hours or a day after drying.
So, without further ado, here is the finished result:
My next work will be to fit a converted 'heavy gauss cannon' onto my third Destroyer, to upgrade him to a Heavy Destroyer, followed by building a second CSM Defiler.

Progress with re-fitting Necrons

So, I'm making progress in re-fitting/ converting some of my Necrons. I have finished 6 out of 12 Flayed Ones that I have made out of Necron Warriors, green stuff and some plasticard and progress is being made on the other 6 models. Once I've got all 12 done, I'll probably see to putting pictures up. Now, to mark out the flayed ones as 'outcasts', they are painted 'boltgun metal'/ purple (as opposed to blue), possibly with a wash of 'ogryn flesh' on the metal parts, to make those areas look more rusted/ bloody.
I've also decided to convert a regular Necron Destroyer into a Heavy Destroyer. So far, I've made the heavy gauss cannon out of two regular gauss cannons and part of a tesla carbine. I just have to put plastic rods in and paint it and it will be all finished.