New plan for my Necrons - Flayed ones

Well, I decided to do something different with my most recently acquired 24 Necron Warriors. I'll only make 12 of them up as regular Warriors and the other 12 will be converted into Flayed Ones.
For the 12 Warriors, I've sorted out the plastic rod issue by getting a 2.4mm hollow opaque white plastic rod (which I'll paint a relevant colour) from a local shop.
Now, for the Flayed Ones, I'm starting off with regular Warriors, using plasticard (maybe 0.8mm thick) to make claws for each hand (three per hand) of differing sizes, as well as green stuff to represent the leather/ flesh that covers some of the body. To tell the difference between the regular Warriors and the Flayed Ones, I'm painting them purple, as opposed to dark blue.
Why am I creating Flayed Ones instead of getting the official models? Well, firstly, I am just wanting to try them out (just like when I wanted to try out Obliterators). Secondly, this is probably cheaper as well for 12 models, as it would probably cost about £35 in materials, as opposed to £61 for 12 finecast models. Thirdly, when I want to try new models out, I prefer that the models I am using in place of the official ones look like what they're meant to be and make it clear what they are, as opposed to saying 'Here is a unit of X who are count-as Y'.
When it comes to using proxy models or converting models into something else to try it out, to each their own. I have my opinion as to how I like to play it and everyone else has their own opinions - I'm not going to say who is right or wrong - just do it whichever way you feel most comfortable with - end of!
Finally, when I've got some of the models fully made up, I'll start putting pictures up.


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