New GW paints

So, today, I got my hands on three of the new range of Games Workshop paints (two textured and one base). I managed to get a look at the whole set of 145 yesterday and I think that there are definitely quite a few positives to it all. There's a whole lot more choice in the metallics, as well as shades/ hues of different colours (including purples/ pinks) and shades, as well as whole new concepts as the drybrush and texture paints.
I was particularly looking forward to the new texture paints, as they would mean applying a texture to a base in only ONE step, not two (i.e apply PVA glue, then 'scatter material').
As far as going from old to new is like, there are colours that are similar to old classics, such as Liche Purple and Regal Blue (now Xereus Purple and Kantor Blue) for example. I don't yet have any ideas on how to use the 'glazes' but I am wondering what would happen if I apply the orange shade colour (Fuegan Orange?) onto Leadbelcher/ boltgun metal - will it create a bronze-like colour?
Overall, I think that people will have a lot of time/ fun in exploring the new range of paints.


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