Necrons debut

So, today (Sunday), my Necron army got its first battle since getting them battle-ready at my local gaming club (Kirkcaldy Gaming Club). It was a 2,000 pt per player battle against Space Marines.
In 2,005 points, I fielded 2 Overlords, 3 Crypteks, 1 unit of 5 Lychguard, 4 units of 10 Warriors, A C'tan shard, 3 Destroyers (2 Heavy), An Annihilation Barge & 2 Doomsday Arks.
The Doomsday Arks acted very well in the form of dishing out pie-plates of doom from a distance, including a Dreadnought (that blew up), a Vindicator and some infantry. The Destroyers took a while to destroy a Razorback after immobilizing it. The reanimation rolls causing models to come back from the dead did annoy my opponent, especially in a battle between an Overlord with Lychguard against a Captain with Command Squad, which took quite a few turns. One close combat beast was the C'Tan shard, who scalped a tactical squad and a Chaplain.
Necrons, however, are not particularly suited to close combat but I think a unit of 10 Lychguard would do a better job than 5, to give them more time to last and more models to attack back. As they are armed with Warscythes, however, there is nothing they can't wound/ damage. The C'Tan shard is the other close combat beast, although it is rather fun to hit models again in close combat with Gaze of Death.
At the end of the battle, the Necrons did very well, reducing the enemy to 5-10 models, winning the battle by 8 kill points to 4 and I have a good idea of understanding how to use them.


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